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Privacy PolicyRequired

Hatsuta Kakusanki Co., Ltd has a privacy policy regarding the handling your personal information so that you can use this website safely.

A view about personal information.

Hatsuta Kakusanki Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) manage and protect your personal information properly that aware of the important privacy information name, address, the birth of day and phone number.

Strategies to Protection of personal information

We are going to promote this following strategy regarding the above concept of personal information.

  1. We will show and announce before taking and using your personal information by proper method.
  2. Provide personal information to third person.
    We do not provide personal information to third person. But it does not apply if the following items apply.
    1. If the person themselves agree with
    2. Provide personal information base on the law
  3. Display, correction, stop to use and, delete of personal information
    If you are requested to display, correct, stop to use and, delete personal information, we will respond after confirming that the claimant is the person in question.
  4. Consign the handling of personal information
    To achieve the purpose notified and announced, if you consign the handling of personal information to third person. In that case, we will endeavor to properly manage and supervise the consignee to prevent the personal information leak.
  5. Strategies about Protection of personal information
    To prevent unauthorized access, lose, destroy, falsify and leakage to get personal information, will take safety measures.
  6. Personal information manager
    We will manage properly, a person in charge of managing personal information will handle each department of personal information.