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More cost performance


As a member of the Hatsuta Group whose history in business spans more than a century, Hatsuta Kakusanki manufactures and sells machinery specialized for golf course, park and lawn maintenance, and develops business both in Japan and abroad.
Golf courses, racetracks, parks and gardens are familiar elements to all lifestyles and the time spent amongst those green surroundings placates the mind. And, the sports and leisure activities enjoyed in such places play a key role in maintaining one’s health.
People cannot do without “greenery” in their lives. However, great efforts are needed to maintain and manage these environments in their best condition.
It is our mission at Hatsuta Kakusanki to supply products and management techniques that reduce the workload in environmental management and enhance cost performance. We continue to develop technologies ahead of the times and stake challenges in order to contribute to the global environment as an eco-friendly business.

Hatsuta Kakusanki co., ltd President
Minoru Hatsuda